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  • 1892 Indian Head Penny

    1892 Indian Head Penny

    The 1892 Indian Head Penny is a classic coin that any numismatist would be proud to own. First minted in the late 19th century, this penny was used for everyday purchases and remains an excellent example of American currency from the period. It’s also a great way to commemorate the rich history of United States […]

  • 1891 Indian Head Penny

    1891 Indian Head Penny

    The 1891 Indian Head Penny is a treasured collectible item amongst numismatists. It’s an impressive coin, with a unique design and long history behind it. These coins were minted in the United States from 1859 to 1909, making them a must-have for any serious collector of U.S. currency. This article will provide a detailed overview […]

  • 1890 Indian Head Penny

    1890 Indian Head Penny

    As a numismatist, I’m always fascinated by coins from the 19th century. The 1890 Indian Head Penny is no exception. This coin has a long and interesting history and is highly sought after by collectors all over the world. It’s an iconic piece of American currency that deserves more recognition than it has received in […]

  • 1889 Indian Head Penny

    1889 Indian Head Penny

    Numismatists have long admired the 1889 Indian Head Penny for its beauty, historical significance, and rarity. It is an iconic coin of American currency with a distinct design that stands out from other coins in circulation at the time. This penny was minted between 1859-1909 and remains one of the most sought after collectibles to […]

  • 1888 Indian Head Penny

    1888 Indian Head Penny

    The 1888 Indian Head Penny is a highly desirable collectible in the numismatic world. It was minted during one of the most turbulent periods in US history and remains an important reminder of America’s past. As a coin collector, I’m always on the lookout for this special piece of Americana – it’s truly a treasure […]

  • 1887 Indian Head Penny

    1887 Indian Head Penny

    The 1887 Indian Head Penny is one of the more sought-after coins in American numismatics. It has a unique design that makes it stand out from other U.S. coinage, and its scarcity adds to its appeal for collectors. This article will explore the history and features of this classic penny, as well as provide information […]

  • 1886 Indian Head Penny

    1886 Indian Head Penny

    The 1886 Indian Head penny is a highly sought-after coin by numismatists worldwide. It was minted in the United States from 1859 to 1909 and has been widely collected for its historic significance and eye-catching design. This article will provide an overview of the unique features that make this coin so desirable, as well as […]

  • 1885 Indian Head Penny

    1885 Indian Head Penny

    The 1885 Indian Head Penny is a popular numismatic item that has been in circulation since the late 19th century. It features an iconic design of Liberty wearing a Native American headdress, and is highly sought-after by collectors today. This coin was minted from 1859 to 1909, making it one of the longest running series […]

  •  1884 Indian Head Penny

     1884 Indian Head Penny

    The 1884 Indian Head penny is a highly sought after coin in the numismatic world. It is one of the most iconic coins issued by the United States Mint, with features that make it especially appealing to collectors. Its design and minting process are unique among other U.S. coins from around this time period, making […]

  • 1883 Indian Head Penny

    1883 Indian Head Penny

    The 1883 Indian Head penny is a popular coin amongst numismatists. It features Lady Liberty, wearing an Indian headdress, and was minted in the United States from 1859 to 1909. This highly sought-after piece of currency has become one of the most collected coins in U.S. history due to its unique design and historical significance. […]

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