1875 Indian Head Penny

1875 Indian Head Penny

The 1875 Indian Head Penny is a treasured piece of American numismatic history. It was the first small cent to be minted since 1857 and has been popular with collectors ever since it’s inception.

Its design features an obverse portrait of Liberty wearing a Native American headdress, making it both beautiful and iconic. As such, it remains one of the most sought-after coins from this era.

The 1875 Indian Head Penny is considered especially desirable due to its scarcity; only 852,500 were produced in total. This makes it far rarer than other pieces that have been issued during the same period, adding further appeal to serious numismatists.

With careful research and some luck, those looking to add this historic coin to their collection may still be able to find one today!

History Of The 1875 Indian Head Penny

The 1875 Indian Head Penny is one of the finest coins to come out of the United States Mint in its time. It was designed by Chief Engraver James B. Longacre and minted from 1859-1909, making it a highly sought after collector’s item today.

The obverse side of the penny features an elegant profile portrait of Liberty wearing a traditional Native American headdress surrounded by thirteen stars representing the original colonies. The reverse side depicts a wreath composed of agricultural products surrounding the words ‘One Cent’ with a shield at its center symbolizing protection for citizens.

It is said that when this coin was first released, many people were very impressed with its quality and design which made it popular among collectors almost immediately. The composition was changed over the years but remained mostly solid copper until 1942 when zinc coated steel replaced it due to wartime shortages of metals.

During its 50 year production run, there were several different varieties produced including some featuring different sizes or mottos on them, which makes finding all variations quite challenging even now!

This classic piece has been around for over 150 years and remains a favorite amongst numismatists everywhere. Its intricate details combined with historical significance make it an iconic representation of America’s past and present currency system.

Many believe that owning a complete set can provide insight into our nation’s development as well as bring great satisfaction through collecting such rare artifacts from U.S history.

Design Of The 1875 Indian Head Penny

The 1875 Indian Head Penny is an iconic relic of the past, and a symbol of American progress. As we step into its history, it’s as if we are traveling back in time. It was during this period that the United States was rapidly modernizing, with industrialization driving economic growth and technological advances leading to innovative breakthroughs.

The design of the 1875 Indian Head Penny reflects these changes:

  • The obverse features Lady Liberty wearing a feathered headdress;
  • The reverse displays a wreath of corn, wheat, maple leaves, and oak branches;
  • Its composition consists primarily of copper-nickel alloyed together for strength and durability;
  • And finally, it has a diameter measuring 19 millimeters across.

For numismatists or collectors looking to add historical value to their collections, the 1875 Indian Head penny offers both beauty and significance. With its unique blend of symbolism from two eras—the traditional values associated with Native Americans along with images denoting America’s westward expansion—this coin stands out among other coins from the same era.

For many people around the world, owning one is a true honor—a tangible reminder of our nation’s rich heritage.

Rarity Of The 1875 Indian Head Penny

The 1875 Indian Head Penny is a highly sought-after coin due to its rarity. It was only minted for one year and the total mintage was just 1,640,000. This low production makes it particularly valuable today—it can often command prices of up to $500 or more in higher grades.

GradeValue (in USD)

As a numismatist, I find that the scarcity of this penny adds to its appeal. Its low production numbers make it a challenge to locate and an accomplishment when found. The fact that they were made during President Grant’s administration also adds another interesting layer of history and collector value to these coins.

Due to all these factors, the 1875 Indian Head Penny has become an essential acquisition for any serious collector and is sure to remain popular in years to come.

Value Of The 1875 Indian Head Penny

The 1875 Indian Head penny is a highly sought-after coin among numismatists. Its value depends on several factors, including its grade as well as any minting errors that may be present.

For collectors, the condition of an 1875 Indian Head Penny plays a large role in determining its worth. Coins with no wear and tear or blemishes are graded at Uncirculated (MS60), while coins with some minor damage can fall into grades MS63 to MS65. For those looking for more extreme examples, grading services have been known to label coins as high as MS66 or higher if they represent especially fine specimens.

On top of condition, minting errors also play a significant factor in increasing the value of the 1875 Indian Head penny. Common mistakes include doubling of certain features such as dates and lettering, along with off-center strikes or other unique defects. These can drastically increase the price tag from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the rarity and quality of the error type.

Below is a list outlining four key characteristics that affect the overall value of this classic American coin:

  • Grade/Condition
  • Minting Errors
  • Rarity
  • Historical Significance

Finding The 1875 Indian Head Penny

After examining the value of the 1875 Indian Head Penny, it is now important to consider how one may find an example of this coin.

For those who are looking to purchase a specimen, there are several options available.

The first option would be to search local dealers and auctions for coins that match the description. Many experienced numismatists will have some knowledge or even stock of these types of coins.

Additionally, attending numismatic conventions can provide access to vendors from all over the world, giving buyers more choices in their search for an 1875 Indian Head Penny.

Online auction sites such as eBay also offer great opportunities for finding rare coins at reasonable prices. Buyers should note that with any online purchase, they must ensure authenticity before completing a transaction. It is also wise to look up recent sales on similar coins so buyers know what price range they should expect when making a bid.

Overall, there are many avenues which one can explore if they decide to pursue collecting the 1875 Indian Head Penny. Regardless of where or how you choose to acquire your coins, always remember that research and due diligence plays a major role in ensuring satisfaction with your purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many 1875 Indian Head Pennies Were Made?

The 1875 Indian Head Penny is an iconic piece of American numismatic history, and its production numbers are highly sought after.

This particular coin stands out in the world of coins because only 852,500 were minted in total.

Such a small mintage has resulted in the 1875 Indian Head Penny becoming one of the most desirable coins to collect among numismatists around the world.

Its scarcity makes it a truly unique item to add to any collection.

What Is The Difference Between The 1875 Indian Head Penny And Other Indian Head Pennies?

Indian Head Pennies are a classic numismatic collectible.

The primary difference between these coins and other Indian Head pennies is the year of production.

Each coin was minted in different years, with 1875 being one of the most sought after by collectors due to its limited mintage numbers.

Many collectors will pay a premium for an original 1875 specimen because it represents not only an iconic piece of history, but also a valuable asset that can appreciate over time.

Is The 1875 Indian Head Penny Considered A Collectible?

The 1875 Indian Head penny is highly sought after by collectors and considered one of the most collectible issues from the series.

This coin was minted during a time when copper-nickel cents were just beginning to be produced, making it a desirable item for numismatists.

It also features an intricate design of Lady Liberty wearing a Native American headdress that adds historical significance to this issue.

As such, many avid coin collectors strive to own at least one example of this classic penny in their collection.

Is The 1875 Indian Head Penny Magnetic?

It is important to note that a magnetic test can be used to determine the authenticity of many coins, including Indian Head Pennies. As a numismatist, it is essential to know if an 1875 Indian Head Penny is magnetic or not.

Generally speaking, these coins are not magnetic as they are made from bronze and copper alloys which do not normally attract magnets. However, there may still be some slight magnetism present due to impurities within the metal blend.

Therefore, it’s best to use a professional coin testing machine or take the coin to an expert in order to confirm its authenticity.

Is The 1875 Indian Head Penny Legal Tender?

Numismatists have long pondered the legal tender status of coins from by gone eras.

The 1875 Indian Head Penny is no different, with some experts believing it to be a valid form of currency and others arguing that it holds no real monetary value.

Ultimately, whether or not this coin can actually be used as money depends on its condition and where it’s being exchanged; while some merchants may accept these coins in lieu of modern-day payment, there are many instances where they will only be accepted for their numismatic value.


The 1875 Indian Head Penny is a highly sought-after item for numismatists and collectors alike. With its distinct design, this coin can be easily identified as an important piece of history. Despite the limited number produced in 1875, it remains a desirable addition to any collection due to its rarity and beauty.

But what makes the 1875 Indian Head Penny so special? Its magnetic properties, legal tender status and collectible value are all factors that contribute to its desirability among those with an interest in coins.

Whether you’re looking to start or add to your current collection, the 1875 Indian Head Penny is definitely one worth considering!






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