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  • 1872 Two-Cent Piece

    1872 Two-Cent Piece

    The 1872 two-cent piece is a significant part of American numismatic history. It was the first coin to feature ‘In God We Trust’ as part of its design, and it has been an object of fascination for collectors ever since. As one of America’s most iconic coins, the 1872 two-cent piece continues to be sought […]

  •  1872 Indian Head Penny

     1872 Indian Head Penny

    The 1872 Indian Head penny is a classic numismatic piece that is highly sought after by collectors. This coin was produced from the years 1859 to 1909 and has become one of the most iconic coins in American history due to its unique design. It’s an important symbol in U.S. numismatics, representing not only our […]

  •  1871 Two Cent

     1871 Two Cent

    As a numismatist, I find the 1871 two cent piece to be particularly interesting. It is, after all, one of the last coins produced by the U.S. Mint with a denomination value in fractional cents. In addition to its rarity and desirability among collectors, this coin has an intriguing backstory that explains why it was […]

  •  1871 Indian Head Penny

     1871 Indian Head Penny

    The 1871 Indian Head Penny is a highly sought after item for numismatists and collectors alike. This coin, which was minted from 1859 to 1909, has an image of Liberty wearing a feather headdress on the obverse side. On the reverse side is the denomination “One Cent” surrounded by a wreath of corn, wheat, maple […]

  • 1870 Indian Head Penny

    1870 Indian Head Penny

    The 1870 Indian Head Penny is a highly sought after collectible coin that has become an iconic symbol of American numismatic history. It was minted in the same year as the first transcontinental railroad completion and features Lady Liberty with her hair tied up in a bun wearing a traditional Native American headdress. This penny […]

  • 1870 2 Cent Coin Value

    1870 2 Cent Coin Value

    As a numismatist, I’m always interested in uncovering the value of rare coins. One of my favorites is the 1870 2 cent coin, which was produced by the United States Mint between 1864 and 1873. It’s an interesting piece with a significant amount of history behind it – and perhaps even more importantly, it has […]

  •  1869 Two Cent

     1869 Two Cent

    The 1869 two cent coin is a strong example of the coins minted during this period. It was part of the three-cent nickel series, and it’s one of the most popular coins from that era among numismatists. With its unique design, it stands out in any collection. The two cent piece first appeared in 1864, […]

  • 1869 Indian Head Penny

    1869 Indian Head Penny

    The 1869 Indian Head penny is a coin of great interest to numismatists. It has an iconic design and was the last year that this classic design was used. Its rarity makes it highly sought after, as it’s one of only two years in which no mint mark appears on coins struck at any Mint […]

  • 1868 Two Cent

    1868 Two Cent

    The 1868 two cent piece is one of the most popular coins among numismatists. It was produced from 1864 to 1873, and is a great example of how U.S. coinage has evolved over time. As such, it’s an important part of any collection – both for its beauty and historical significance. This article will explore […]

  • 1868 Indian Head Penny

    1868 Indian Head Penny

    The 1868 Indian Head penny is a beloved and sought-after coin among numismatists. These coins were minted during the height of the industrial age, marking an important time in America’s history. Its design features Liberty wearing a feathered headdress, representing the strength of Native American culture at that time. Collectors prize these coins for their […]

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